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"Shambhala Oneness"

The most recent updates of the materials were sent out October 2014

Everyone at some point has heard of Reiki! 
And as it is with humanity, reiki has also evolved.
The first evolutionary leap was Shambala MDH!
And now it is Shambhala Oneness.
Shambhala Oneness is an attunement to higher energies, it is also an education and an expansion in consciousness.

17 May 2009 on a sunny Sunday in May while we were relaxing on one of our few free days, our friend Germain paid us a visit.
This had been happening for a while with all the things we have been preparing so we weren't really surprised by his visit.
Ian was relaxing and watching the Grand Prix, Marjo was answering some e-mails on her laptop. Germain as usual came straight to the point and told us that something new was about to be offered to us. Curious, we asked what he had in store for us.

He answered: "Are you aware that you are going to be bringing a new form of Shambhala into the world?" We of course answered that we hadn't expected that one and it was a total surprise for us. Germain: "We have been preparing  you both for this for some time, we have given you new symbols to use, we have been preparing you by guiding you to bring out certain video's, we have also been providing you with insights to prepare you to write the materials and much more. His words resonated with us and were accurate as we looked back on our mutual and even partially separate pasts. Even so, we were very surprised by his next question: "Are you willing to take this task on?

Initially Ian resisted to put it mildly, we had a huge work load already and we could not see how we would fit it all in. Of course, after going back and reading our old Shambhala MDH materials, we soon realized that it was old energy and outdated. We were hooked. Even though we felt a bit overwhelmed by it all we agreed. And so began the Shambhala Oneness journey.

Just 1 day later we started working on the new materials and we achieved superhuman results, within the space of two months we had upgraded the materials and created the educational part of the upgrade with approximately 50 videos that would become an awesome gift to humanity. Yes a gift. These videos are being given away when people sign up for our Oneness messages so that all who follow them will go through a fast track expansion to ascension. In the month of September it was time to introduce it to the Netherlands. Those who are guided to receive the attunements will do so. In August 2011 the translated version into English became available to the rest of the world. Including 70 plus youtube videos.

Since the launch we have received confirmations from our English students that it is not only an education, an attunement, a consciousness awareness expansion, it is also a basic course for medical intuitive' s and life or spiritual coaches. If you were thinking of setting up your own practice, this would certainly provide you with an awesome start.

Ian en Marjo